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Hi, my name is Stanislav, and i am Commercial Photographer in Paris. This is my web site – Portfolio, dedicated craft of professional photography.

Here you can view my work and also hire me for your projects. You can freely contact me, write me an email.

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If you liked my work and would like to take a private photo shoot or a subject, adversiting photos for your business, do not hesitate to write me an email. Or if you already have photos on which you would like to make corrections of various kinds, I will also be glad to cooperate with you!

Services of professional photographer:


Portrait photography is probably the most classic style in the world of photography. I think all beginners should start with this style of photography, because it will teach you all the basics. And for you, it will lower the threshold for entering other styles.
And whether for you specifically a portrait is commercial or rather creative, I believe that a commercial photographer is simply obliged to have a good skills of this type of photography.

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• Product Photography

Product photography is a direction in photography where you have to be a pretty definite photographer to do this kind of photography. She has her own indisputable pluses.
If you’re product photographers, you do not have a “loss of moment” or a “bad shot”. Because everything is static, and you can shoot and reshoot until you get the desired result (the problem can only be a lack of skill). Also, according to statistics, photography of a subject is one of the most profitable types of photography. If you are a professional product photographer, you can make very good money. I myself just love this kind of photography!

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