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Here I will tell you about that big part of my life, which is occupied by photography and, of course, a little about myself. Thanks for stopping by!

About me

Фотографія is about People, it's about Love ... finally it's about Life. She is about what is dearest to us

My photography story began with a friend of mine who has been professionally involved in photography since his childhood, and to this day, has become one of the best photographers in his country.
During his life he had many different cameras, and not all of them he sold in the future.
Doing his favorite thing, he really wanted someone close to him to also share the joy of photography with him and also take up this craft.
One day, He offered me his old, but very valuable camera for him, with which he had a lot to do, saying that it would be great if I also took up photography! And I gladly agreed. It’s always interesting for me to try myself in something new. Before I was interested in photography, but I never seriously thought about doing it professionally and making it my job.
I remember that evening, and the moment when I was already holding the first professional camera in my life … it was like an initiation into photographers))
This is how my professional career began …
And then, my dear guest who is reading this – you and I continue to write this story, to create together those “best moments in our life” …

P.S.  Continuation of this story is still in the process of writing …

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