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    Photo Enhancement Services:

    Below you can see photo retouched – Before/After. And hire me as a photography retoucher if you like my works.

    retouche photo professionnelleretouche portrait

    High End Beauty Retouching


    Professional retouching photography allows you to transfer in the photo exactly the picture that was alive. Such correction of photos as high end retouch the face allows minimizing the influence of imperfection of lenses, the light of the transfer of matrices, and other errors of the process of shooting. I am, as a high end retoucher, always have a goal to achieve the most natural picture that fascinates the eye and touches the heart. 

    This service is popular in many types of photography. But it is especially often used for fashion photos. Such fashion retouching is simply indispensable for creating stunning photos for glossy magazines and advertising photos.

    Also using more sophisticated techniques – “Frequency Separation”, we can remove any imperfection on the skin. Smooth out the light/shadow pattern and achieve the result like from the cover of a high magazine. As a result, thanks to such skin retouching will give you great pleasure and you will get unique photos, which, most likely, will take pride of place on the avatars of your social media profiles, cv, ect…couleur 

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    Product photo retouching is a powerful tool that businesses utilize to create visually compelling images, setting them apart in the competitive landscape. By engaging professional photo editing services, companies can significantly enhance the appeal of their products, resulting in increased customer interest and higher sales.

    Photographic retouching is a process that involves refining and perfecting images, removing imperfections and adjusting elements such as lighting, color, and composition. Photo enhancement services focus on elevating the overall quality of product visuals, ensuring they make a lasting impact on potential customers. Photography retouching is crucial in today’s digital age, where high-quality images play a vital role in building trust and credibility.

    A high-end retoucher possesses the expertise and technical skills to transform ordinary images into extraordinary masterpieces. Their keen eye for detail and proficiency in the latest retouching techniques allow them to create stunning visuals that showcase a brand’s essence.

    Beauty retouching is a specialized branch within the realm of photo retouching, focusing on perfecting images related to makeup, skincare, and fashion. This niche requires an adept understanding of the delicate balance between enhancing a subject’s natural beauty and maintaining a realistic appearance.

    In summary, product photo retouching is an indispensable asset for businesses looking to elevate their brand image and captivate their target audience. Investing in professional photo editing service, photographic retouching, and beauty retouching can lead to significant returns and long-term success.

    real estate retouchereal estate retouche

    Real Estate Retouching


    Real estate retouching has one great feature that distinguishes it from other types of retouching (the only similarity is architectural retouching). Unlike portrait, beauty, and other types of retouching, this style is much more applied than creative. Even in the architectural retouching, you have to work with the light and shadow, thus bringing it is “his” view of the composition.

    In real estate retouch, the almost central role is played by the skills of working with HDR and a perspective of images. In this type of retouching, one has to be no less attentive to details and accurate in processing.

    Thanks to the technique of merging photos in HDR, the picture gets a great depth of color, which gives a very accurate color rendering and high contrast.

    This service will be useful mainly for interior photographers and realtors. But it can also be useful for other types of activities and specialists.

    modifier fond photodetourage photos

    Remove Background Picture


    Remove background picture – is probably the most popular and frequently requested service in the field of photo retouching. In many cases you could have a need to crop an object.

    For example photography cropping is needed for e-commerce images for later publication on the site. Although as a rule, these photos are temporarily accompanied by the necessary background. But in many cases, exceptionally, it is necessary to continue retouching by remove background picture and changing it for you need one.

    Necessity of a photo detour service in the composite advertising photography. Exactly the composite, because the essence of this complex style of photography is to superimpose several pre-cut photos on the same background. This results in “impossible” photographs, which sometimes mesmerize the eye

    Remove background picture also finds an application in advertising banners. When the necessary photos have already been taken beforehand and it is necessary to have separate backgroundless images. To assemble them later and then superimpose the banner text, brand logo and other objects necessary to create this banner.

    If you still have a question – how to crop an image – do not hesitate to contact me!

    retoucheur photo parisphoto editing services

    Remove People from Photos


    You picked the right angle, lighting, background and whatever else you could choose from, plus you pressed the shutter button and you got a great shot!

    But here’s the thing… a random passerby was walking in the background who walked into the frame and ruined this whole composition for you… Worse still, you only saw him in your home, browsing through your photos , while nothing can be changed.

    …. Or is it still possible?
    The “Remove People from Photos” service allows you to save beautiful photos from the trash that seem already doomed.
    When I took this photo, I was incredibly upset by the woman in the background who ruined everything for me. After all, the other photos in this series were not so sincere and successful.

    But then I sat down and carefully removed the person from the photo (this woman) from the background and that photo was included in my portfolio!

    retoucheur photo parisretoucheur photo
    photo enhancement servicesphoto editors for hire

    Remove Objects From Photo


    It happens that the photo turned out very well in terms of angle, composition, exposure, and everything else, but … One interfering object gets into the frame, which may not be possible to remove or move during the shooting itself (as is the case with this column). 

    In such a case, careful remove objects from photo can save beautiful pictures from the trash can. And to delight the eyes of your customers or friends for a long time.

    Also, on the contrary, adding a certain object to the photo, which in reality was not in the frame, can add volume (in the case of close blurred objects) or the result you need for the right composition.

    post traitement photophotographic retoucher

    Change Color of Image


    Changes  color of Image are performed while maintaining the brightness, contrast, and, of course, the texture of the object.

    You can also specify the exact desired color in the form of a code (RGB, HSL, etc.), which will allow you to adjust the color of the object being changed to the exact color gamut with other elements in the photo.

    This option is great when you have a wonderful photo, with an element that does not match the color scheme with other elements in the photo. And so, simply by changing the color of one object, you can achieve complete harmony in the frame, without the need to reshoot or even buy an object of a certain color.

    retoucheur photoretouche photo paris
    retoucheur photo parisretouch service

    Convert Image into Black & White


    Probably most of us would agree that black and white photography has its own incomprehensible charm. By leaving only light and shadow in the photo, we allow our minds to concentrate more clearly on the details of the picture. And to understand more deeply the semantic load of a particular frame.

    Some photographers are so fond of this type of photo that they shoot exclusively in this style.

    By converting a photo to black and white, I try to see the most important details and accents, which in the case of color would surely be lost. This type of photo perfectly allows you to do this.

    Despite the fact that similar filters are in our portable phones, professional BW photographic retouching sometimes takes even more time and effort than color photos … But the result is always worth it!

    post traitement photophotographic retouching

    Separate Toning


    Split toning is an incredibly powerful tool in photo enhancement services. Without changing anything in the texture of the photo itself, but by accurately adjusting certain colors, we can radically change the emotions that it will evoke in the audience.

    Also, thanks to this type of photographic retouching, we can reduce all the colors in the photo to complementary schemes. And this, as a result, gives the effect of complete harmony of the color composition. And it helps to easily perceive the frame.

    In the case of corporate, business, and product photography, it is fundamentally important to evoke certain feelings in customers who are looking at you, your employees, or a photo of your product.

    Post Traitement Photoretouche photo paris

    Aligning the Perspective on Buildings


    This type of retouching is mostly used in post-processing for architectural and street photography.

    In general, there are two reasons why such prospective distortions arise:
    1 – Distortions of the lenses of the lenses of our cameras.
    2 – The perspective of large objects in the frame.

    If the first is easy enough to deal with, simply by using lens correction in programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop, then the other is not so easy to fight.

    The second factor is present always and everywhere in our lives, and this is normal. Objects that are farther from us will always be smaller than those that are closer.

    And if, when we look at them live, it is familiar to us, it does not look beautiful in the picture and even gives the impression that the building is crooked.
    Although we perceive houses and skyscrapers as one object, but due to their size (whichever side we are from them), different parts of the building will be at different distances from us.

    This factor is present in all types of filming. But there are those where this can be neglected, for example – macro shooting. In other types of shooting (portrait), this is combated by increasing the focal length of the lens.
    But in architectural photography, due to the large size of objects, this factor begins to play such a big role that it can only be dealt with in the post-processing of our image.

    Therefore, in order for architectural photographs to look beautiful and even, we cannot do without professional photo editing service for correcting the perspective of such buildings.

    Write to me

    If you want to order a service from me or clarify any details, I invite you to write to me

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      How does this order work?

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      High End Retoucher

      Photography Retouching includes:

      • Development photos from RAW to JPEG format
      • White balance correction
      • Cropping, leveling the horizon (if necessary)
      • Separate toning (if desired by the client)
      • Darkening the background area and increasing the contrast of the model (if necessary)
      • Instrument – “Plastic” (Correction of formes)
      • Frequency Separation (elimination of wrinkles, prickles and other skin imperfections)

      Photo Retouching Service

      All Retouch Service:

      • Convert into Black & White
      • Change Color of Image
      • Remove Objects From Photo
      • Replace the Background on the Photo
      • Convert Image into Black & White
      • Separate Toning
      • Aligning the Perspective on Buildings

      Photo Editor Service

      Hi, my name is Stanislav. I am a Professional Photograph Retoucher.

      Besides the fact that I love the process of photographing itself, I love the process of photographic retouching and bringing them to perfection. Therefore, I offer the “Photo Editing Services” for others people who either do not know how to retouch well yet or who simply do not have time for it.
      So if you need any photographic retouching service, do not hesitate to email me!

      Why do you Need Photo Editing Services?

      In the past, when mobile phones were just beginning to be shipped with embedded cameras, and professional cameras had a fair level of quality in the output photos, no one had any questions about the advisability of photographic retouching. But now the times have changed. On the market we offer a wide range of high-quality cameras and smartphones that make images of unimaginable quality before. The question is, what’s the point of photographic retouching these days?

      However, we are still far from the camera parameters we want, such as dynamic range, color transmission, ISO level, battery life, weight etc.
      What does this mean for us as consumers? That even with the current technologies we often need a high-end photo processing post to get the result we want.
      And speaking of our time, of course the number of advertising photos, photo products for sites and other amount of photo production has increased enormously in recent years. Not to mention the pandemic, which encouraged entrepreneurs who had previously doubted the usefulness of creating websites with their products to take their product online.

      All these factors provoke, of course, a great demand, both for high-class photographers, as well as for the high end photographic retouching specialists who will then process these photos, for their further publication on sites or various trading sites.

      When Photography Retouching is it just Necessary?

      There are many entrepreneurs who take pictures of their products or services on the latest versions of smartphones. And while I’m a professional photographer, I have to admit, these pictures aren’t so bad! But in my opinion, it’s about the size of your business. If you’re a beginner entrepreneur, I think it’s a good option for you. But in the case of a big firm, when your brand is already known and you don’t have too much time to do this kind of work, I think the help of a professional photographer and professional photo editing service would be very helpful.

      What if we’re not talking about entrepreneurs? Are services of this type needed by people who don’t offer any services or products?
      Let’s say you have a photograph taken by you or your friends that you really like. But there are things that ruin the whole picture, and you want to get rid of them. Or you’d like to change the color of something in the photo to make it more complementary, and therefore more harmonious. Or you just want to make your picture bigger and cleaner in color and detail, etc.

      We’re living in the digital age now. And 70 percent of that information is seen through the eyes…
      I won’t tell you, like most other entrepreneurs, that you need my services. I’ll just say that if you feel the need or desire, I am always at your service, and I will gladly work with you!

      I wish you inner tranquillity in this troubled world, and that the results of your labor will always please you!
      See you later!

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