What is photo retouching

This service includes:
• Development photos from RAW to JPEG format
• White balance correction
• Cropping, leveling the horizon (if necessary)
• Separate toning (if desired by the client)
• Darkening the background area and increasing the contrast of the model (if necessary)
• Instrument – “Plastic” (Correction of formes)
• Frequency Separation (elimination of wrinkles, prickles and other skin imperfections)

HIGH END Photo Retouching

Professional photo processing allows you to transfer in the photo exactly the picture that was alive. Such correction of photos as professional retouching of the face, allows to minimize influence of imperfection of lenses, light of transfer of matrices and other errors of process of shooting. And as a result, get the most natural and natural picture that fascinates the eye and touches the heart!

Also using more sophisticated techniques – “Frequency Separation”, we can remove any imperfection on the skin. Smooth out the light/shadow pattern and achieve the result like from the cover of a high magazine. As a result, such a photo session will bring you great pleasure and you will get unique photos, which, most likely, will take pride of place on the avatars of your social media profiles, cv, ect…

PHOTO Retouching Service

Besides the fact that I love the process of photographing itself, I love the process of editing raw photos and bringing them to perfection. Therefore, I offer the “Photography Retouching Service” for others people who either do not know how to retouch well yet or who simply do not have time for it.
If you are in need of the photography retouching service, do not hesitate to email me!

PHOTO Retouching Service - ORDER

HIGH END Photo Retouching EXAMPLES:

PHOTO Retouching ServicePHOTO Retouching Service
HIGH END Photo Retouchingretouched photos

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