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Hi, my name is Stanislav, and i am Commercial Photographer in Paris. This is my web site – Portfolio, dedicated craft of professional photography.Here you can view my work and also hire me for your projects. You can freely contact me, write me an email.

Photographe Professionnel Paris​

Photo shooting Paris !

If you liked my work and would like to take a private photo shoot or a subject, adversiting photos for your business, do not hesitate to write me an email. Or if you already have photos on which you would like to make corrections of various kinds, I will also be glad to cooperate with you!
I provide the following photo services:

 – Photoshoot Paris

Professional photo shoot in Paris and surroundings. Simply pick a date and time that works for you and book a photoshoot. You can also attach photo references you like and I will do my best to achieve the result you want.

Find more information on the “Book” page.

– Retouche Photo

You can order retouching and modifications of photos already taken. This service includes any image modification. It can be photos for your business. For example, images of your products (add saturation, change the background to white or black, increase the sharpness of the photo, etc).
To be uploaded later on your site or on another platform.
It can also be personal photos on which you want to do some editing (remove or add certain objects, change the color of elements, etc.)

And of course, this service includes high-quality, detailed High End portrait retouching.

Find more information on the “Retouch” page.

Photographer in Paris | How to choose ?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably looked at my portfolio and familiarized yourself with my style. Maybe you even want to order a professional photoshoot in paris. Doing a professional  photoshoot in paris with you would be a huge honor for me, however I take pleasure in sharing with you my point of view on how to choose the photographer in Paris that will best suit your objectives or your specific projects. If this choice is made conscientiously and with the right basic information, I am sure that in this case you will get the best result.

– The Style in which the Photographer Shoots

A photographer’s profile largely determines their suitability for specific, narrowly focused tasks and projects. Here is an example. Let’s say you need professional photos for dishes offered in your restaurant. Of course, the best solution in this case would be a food photographer. We are not talking here about a professional photographer who just likes to take pictures of eat time to time.

This is a rather narrowly focused style in which experience and skill play a crucial role. If the  professional photographer is engaged in photography only in this style, then over the years of his professional activity he has had many different photo shoots of feet in this style. Moreover, it has accumulated a lot of backgrounds and various props to shoot in this particular style.

And in most cases, you probably haven’t found anything that doesn’t look like something that already exists. You want to get similar photos that you have seen on the Internet, Pinterest, a magazine on this subject or other places, where you simply liked the style.

And as I said before, experience will play a decisive role here. After years of work, it is very likely that a  professional photographer working in this style has already taken similar photos for other establishments, and can easily renew such an experience at a high level, but this time for you.

– What if there is no way to hire a profile Professional Photographer?

What if there is no portrait photographer in your area working in that particular direction? Or are the portrait photographer services that work in this particular direction, so far too expensive for you?

In this case, choose a nearby  professional photographer whose genre is as close as possible to the direction you need. For example, if you need the food photography and you have the choice: a portrait photographer, a wedding photographer, a product photographer, an interior photographer… The product photographer will be the closest in terms of of genre and specificities of the photo shoots in your case. And here, of course, there are no clear instructions, in each individual case you need to specifically analyze your task and take advantage of it when choosing a  professional photographer for your projects.

For an informed choice, you must have at least a minimum of knowledge in the field of photography, and at least a small understanding of the different styles of photography. Distinguish, for example, portrait photography from beauty photography (sometimes it is not so easy).

Soon I will write a short informative article on how to make a difference in different styles of photography. Understand the fundamental differences between the styles and their main characteristics.

I really hope it will be interesting and informative for you…

– Reputation a Commercial Photographer in Paris

But what if, unlike the previous example, you, on the contrary, live in a big city, for example, in our capital – Paris. And you have a large selection of paris photographer working in the same direction or style…? Don’t just type in your search engine: paris photographer for hire, photoshoot in paris, photo shooting paris, paris based photographer, or  photo shooting in paris…

One of the “filters” that will help you eliminate a not insignificant part of professional paris photographer, but in reality not quite professional, or professional but not knowing how to get along well with clients, is the reputation of this particular “photographer in paris”!

And in this regard, there is a very important question that plays a decisive role – where to get reliable information about the true reputation of this professional photographer? Why am I talking about this? Because technological advancements and opportunities on the Internet have their negative side.

Unlike the days when the Internet and social networks were not so developed, it was only possible to know the quality of the photographer’s work from his former clients. And in this case, the information was almost completely reliable. But today, when creating your own pages on social networks or even your own website, it is not difficult, much more difficult to control the reliability of reviews and the level of competence the photographer . It’s probably no secret that such enthusiastic reviews and comments about professional work can be easily deceived.

True Reputation

Here are some tips to help you know the real reviews and determine the real reputation of this specialist:

1 – Speak directly with Previous Customers

Although this is probably the most difficult way, it is the most effective and instructive. This will give you the clearest idea of a photographer’s level of photography services and opportunities to work with them. Recognizing previous customers is not difficult. You can just look at the working page on instagram. Often,  professional photographers tag their clients or the establishments for which they have done a professional photo shoot. In addition, the photographers themselves enter information on their former clients as far as possible. After all, if it was an institution of a fairly high status, then you should definitely brag about it)) And, as a rule, no one misses such an opportunity!

2 – See reviews on Google My Bussines.

Unlike the reviews you might find on a photographer’s website, where they can write anything, Google My Bussines has a big advantage (for clients). Even if you’re the account owner, you can’t delete a bad review. Google My Bussines does not allow you to delete reviews.

And believe me, if a photographer took money for his job and did it wrong, an angry client isn’t too lazy to find him on Google My Bussines and leave him a bad review that can’t in no way be deleted. And in the future, other customers can see and pay attention to such a “professional photographer”.

Therefore, I would advise you to choose professional photographers who have a Google My Bussines account. This is an important service that provides truthful information from the clients.

3 – Platforms for Photo Services

These days, there are dozens, if not hundreds of resources where people can register and offer their services. There are even separate sites created to provide photography services only.

It is almost impossible to conclude good reviews on such resources, since the administration carefully monitors the reputation of each registered user and allows such users to leave reviews only after purchasing their services. This reduces the presence of fake reviews to almost zero. And gives a fairly precise idea of the notoriety of a particular freelance photographer.

Most of the professional photographers create their profiles on these resources in order to increase the number of clients. So for the photographer search, simply enter the first and last name of a professional paris photographer, in the Google search and see on which sites he is registered and what is his average reputation. If there are no results in Google searches, swap the first and last name or try different variations (perhaps enter a nickname if their profiles don’t list their real name).

– Communication

Ease and simplicity of communication with the photographer is very important. Especially if you are faced with the task of taking not quite ordinary photo shoots or the project is quite complex, with many nuances.

In this case, it is very important for the professional photographer not only to understand in advance what the client expects from him, but also to have the desire to follow the client’s thoughts. This plays a big role if the project spans several days. During such shootings, there will certainly be a lot of corrections and amendments. And if the professional photographer doesn’t listen to them, this workflow will be exhausting for everyone on set.

What should you pay attention to in order to enjoy your work together in the future?

– Message Response Delay

Right from the start, when you’ve just written the first message to your future professional photographer, pay attention to how quickly he responds to your messages. During the work itself and the clarification of small nuances, this factor will either contribute to well-coordinated and pleasant work, or, on the contrary, will be incredibly annoying and hamper the filming process.

As a general rule, the way people will behave during the first meeting, will be the same during subsequent work. Pay attention to the speed of response to your messages so that you do not have to wait half a day for a response.

– Complex personalities

I will tell you about my personal preferences. Personally, I really don’t like difficult people. In addition, in terms of work, where there are already many difficult times, a photographic service with difficult people is sometimes simply unbearable. I like ordinary people. With such clients, you can solve any problem very quickly and, whatever it is, maintain excellent relations.

The same goes for professional photographers. No matter how good a person is in his field, if he has a very difficult character, few people want to work with him. And to be honest, unfortunately among photographers there are a lot of hard-to-communicate people who aren’t too happy to compromise and you risk ruining your professional photo shoot.

When looking for a photographer, pay special attention to the personality and character of such a person. In the filming process, it is very important that you feel comfortable with a person, that you are on the same wavelength with him and that you understand each other well. Especially if you allow the option that you might still need photoshoots in the future, maybe even on a regular basis.

 Photographer Portfolio (photos style)

One of the most important things when choosing a professional photographer is a portfolio. A portfolio should not just be looked at, it should be carefully analyzed. What should you pay attention to when viewing a photography portfolio?

I will share the main rule of the photographer portfolio:

“The level of the photographer is determined by his worst shot in the portfolio.”

What does this mean for you as a customer? This rule says that it is not necessary to evaluate the level of the photographer on average, according to a greater number of his photographs. After all, for the photographer’s portfolio, he should choose his best photos taken throughout his career. With this thought in mind, you can analyze his work.

If in the portfolio you see some not quite “cool” photos, it almost certainly means that all his other works, it is not an average and stable result, but simply the best shots he had in all his career (such photos, from time to time obtained by anyone who simply takes pictures, even on a cell phone). But when ordering a professional photographer, one should not rely on chance. You need to be sure of a stable and decent result, and not just hope that this time you will get a good shot.

By browsing the portfolio, you should understand that you like all the photos of this photographer! It is important!

But also make a difference between the quality of the photograph itself and its style. And it is necessary to judge the work of a certain specialist precisely by the quality and correctness of a particular frame. Because you may not like the style in which some photographs in the portfolio are taken, but that’s a matter of TASTE, not the level of the photographer. It is important to remember and not to confuse these two notions!

*Clarification. The above applies specifically to the PORTFOLIO! This does NOT apply to the photographer’s work page on Instagram and other internet sites, where we photographers post photos all the time that we might fleetingly take, and we liked them. These images are photo streams that can may have nothing to do with professional activities.

… And from me – Choose only true masters of their craft with whom it is easy for you to work. Then your projects will bring incredible pleasure and good results! I wish you great shots!

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