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Corporate Photoshoot

A corporate team photo can not only emphasize the status of the company and attract new customers with a spectacular staff. In addition, a corporate group photography helps to unite the team more and establish warm and friendly relationships within the company. Depending on the format, tasks and functions, a corporate photoshoot can last from one to several hours and take place both in the studio and within the walls of the office, which will of course be preferable.

RETOUCHING Corporate Photoshoot

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For what is Corporate Photographer ?

What is a corporate portrait? In the context of corporate photography, this most often means a multi-step process of photographing company employees, office interiors, executive portraits for later use of these images for publicity purposes, commercial or advertising.

Corporate photography can include group photography, corporate portraits of an entrepreneur and his assistants, office interior photography. Reportage photos of corporate events (forum, conference, party or picnic) can also be part of an excellent corporate photo shoot. In view of all this, one can assume that a corporate photo shoot can be an excellent corporate gift on the occasion of one’s birthday or when closing an important deal.

Shooting Tips for Corporate Headshot

The idea of a corporate team photo as a whole may seem old and a bit old-fashioned to some. However, experts assure that this idea can bring positive attention to your business. And this is the most reliable positioning.

In view of this, the size of your desktop takes a back seat. Because unity is the main thing. However, if the size of the “living space” of the enterprise is not so large, then potential customers will certainly pay attention to its condition and modernity.

So when planning a corporate photoshoot in Paris outside of a photo studio, look for “apartments” that match the corporate status you advertised.

Going back to the basic idea of collective unity, it is important to capture the “working moments” – an effectively presented office will inspire confidence and sympathy in the potential client. And it will lead to a comfortable office for those who want to replenish their staff.

To make the staff natural, you need to pay attention to the appearance of company employees. If no uniform or dress code is provided, show employees sample photos of what you want to see in the pictures.

In addition to group photos, the corporate photo shoot includes executive corporate portrait. To soften the gravity of a lucky photoshoot, I suggest you take a few photos outdoors – in nature, in a nearby cafe (“during a coffee break”), etc.

But to call the staff, when there are more than 5 people in the staff, additional time may be necessary.

One of the easiest ways is to put the leader in front of you. Let others join one at a time. In this case, everyone must look at the camera from behind the previous one. To add souls, have everyone sit on top of the previous participant.

Business Portrait

Another option with the leader in the foreground. Ask the other members to stand up to look at each other. You can focus only on the leader and blur the focus on his team. And you can make everyone see the same way. Choose the option that seems most correct to you.

Jump after a short run! This informal photo can enhance a professional business photoshoot by emphasizing that you are not working and know how to relax.

Often, when filming a corporate photo shoot, people are placed not next to each other, but separately, that is, at a certain distance from each other. This technique is used to photograph a team united by a common project. This is the name of musical and theatrical groups. In this case, the foreman is always put on the cage.

Often in a group photoshoot, the only possible composition that allows you to capture everyone in frame is a full-length frame. And here it is important that every member of a great team looks into the frame and demonstrates the right emotion.

Another popular element for a group photo session in the office is the top-shot, when all participants look up a little.

Among the unusual ideas for a corporate photo shoot is an appointment on the roof of the highest business center.

There are some nuances that need to be taken into account so that corporate photography does not drag on and achieves the desired effect.

Schedule shooting for the first half of the day, or better yet, for the weekend. A photo session organized in the afternoon, especially at the end of the afternoon, does not hide the fatigue of the participants.

It is good if, in addition to the photographer, a person is assigned to shoot who will help manage a large team. This will help the photographer navigate the company team properly and save time for everyone involved.

It is preferable to photograph the management of the company without the presence of key personnel. Schedule this part of your business photo session at the beginning or end of the session.

Photos of the amployees after corporate portrait photography will be useful not only for creating brochures, catalogs, but also for your company’s website.

After all, Internet resources usually contain sections “our team” (or “About us”), “Contacts” … And, as numerous polls and studies show, people get the highest percentage of trust in companies that publish photos. their employees. on company websites.

Not sure where to start when planning a professional business photoshoot? Write to me, and together we will discuss the details of the future corporate photo session, so that it is exactly as you imagine it!


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