Color correcting in lightroom is incredibly useful feature that I would always recommend doing. Let’s consider in what situations you might need color correcting in lightroom:

  • During the shooting, the wrong white balance was set and as a result on the post processing the skin tone of your model is too red in color.
    We want to produce collapsing colors of the result like great photographers like Alessio Albi. (For example, the color of green leaves and grass, we can take away either in yellow, thereby giving it a slight summer warm mood, or vice versa, take it to a more blue Azure color. By doing this, we can make our photographs on complementary color. It is very good to separate our model from the background and add more volume for our photos.)
  • If we want to make only a certain color warmer or colder. but for this we no longer use the Hue / Saturation sliders, but adjust the color using the channel correction.

Advantage Color Correcting in Lightroom

Generally, detailed and accurate color adjustments are best done in Photoshop. But despite the fact that you can make all the color adjustments in Photoshop, Lightroom has its undeniable advantages.

Lightroom is a much simpler program, and if we don’t have the need for deep and complex color adjustments, then it will be much easier for us to work in Lightroom. Plus, after importing Lightroom images, working with RAW files in it will be much faster than in Photoshop. And if we have a series of photographs in one location and from one angle, after setting up one photo once, it will be much easier for us to transfer these settings to the whole series of other photos from the series in Lightroom than to do it in Photoshop.

And if the skin tone of your model is very even and she has had good makeup and make-up, you can be more careful with the color correcting in lightroom and achieve the desired result without the need for additional processing of your photos in Photoshop. That in general will greatly speed up the process of your processing and your work will be more productive.

3 TIPS for Color Correcting in Lightroom

Therefore, here are my tips for you:

  1. Firstly, if possible, try to choose models with a good even skin tone, and, in general, beautiful models (then your work will always bring you pleasure)
  2. Second, prepare well for the shoot! When making an agreement Do not forget to discuss the issue of make-up (this will greatly simplify further processing of your photos). Always check the white balance settings of your camera directly during the photo session. When changing location, the light source may change, so when moving to another location, also check the white balance settings of your camera.
  3. Remember there is always room for improvement, and even the coolest photographers make mistakes. Therefore, never be afraid to experiment, it will give you invaluable experience and it often happens that you can get the result you never dreamed of.

I wish everyone to achieve the color correction result that you dream of!

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COLOR CORRECTING in Lightroom Warm
COLOR CORRECTING in Lightroom Could

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