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Why change the PS Background ?

In addition to some personal preferences and aesthetics, Photoshop change background color can be practical and even necessary to accomplish some tasks.

Today, black themes have already become something common, they have become fashionable and are very popular. But sometimes, yes, it is just necessary to switch from the already standard dark theme, in which the background in Photoshop will be gray to a light one, or even some custom color that you need.

Most of the time, dark colors and shades are preferable for Photoshop work, since with such a background much less light from the screen gets to the eyes. Especially if you have a large screen diagonal. Your eyes get tired less when working, especially at night, and today it just so happened that many of us work a significant part of their time in the dark.

So how can even changing the PS Background be beneficial to you? if you are a web designer, photo editor, photo retouching or just doing any kind of design development for web services, then you should know how to change the background in Photoshop.

It so happens that having already finished processing a photo, on a dark background it will seem quite light and its colors are quite juicy, and everything seems to be fine. When uploading our photos to social networks or to websites, we are faced with the fact that most of them are dominated by light backgrounds. And our photo, which on a dark background seemed very juicy and bright, on a light background may not be bright enough and look very pale.

It is in this case that changing the background in our favorite editor Photoshop comes to the rescue. And by changing the PS Background  on the same as on our web resource, where we plan to exhibit our work, we will be able to control the gamut of colors and brightness so that they look good in their place.

And we will not have such that, having already exposed the photo, we go back to Photoshop and once again start twisting something and pre-processing the photo so that it looks better, because we are unhappy with the result and it does not look the way we want it.

So, as we have seen, Photoshop change background color is a very useful feature that saves a lot of time and allows you to work much more accurately with your photos.

I hope this little tip will make it even easier for you to work with your favorite Photoshop photo editor, and you will have even more fun with your favorite craft!

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